For children, adults and families in Northeast Ohio impacted by epilepsy we will raise awareness in the community, provide education, advocacy and direct services that lead to an increased understanding of the disorder and to better management of the condition, resilience, personal fulfillment, independence and the ability to contribute meaningfully to the community.
Purpose Statement:
We believe education and awareness are imperative to treatment, acceptance, equitable division of resources and the inherent right of every individual impacted by epilepsy to lead a happy, healthy and productive life.
Epilepsy Association Policies:

Download the Epilepsy Association's Client's Rights Policy, Code of Ethics, and Privacy Notice.

Epilepsy Association History:
The agency began in the mid-1950’s as the Parents Crusade on Epilepsy and later became the Committee on Epilepsy of the Family Health Association. The Committee on Epilepsy mainly provided information and referral services, yet the founders anticipated a future expansion. Studies documented the great need for specialized epilepsy services and soon professional and public education, counseling, employment and advocacy services were added. In 1972, The Committee on Epilepsy obtained funding from Cuyahoga County United Way Services and became an independent agency. Throughout its history, the Epilepsy Association has remained dedicated to serving individuals in Northeast Ohio affected by epilepsy.


About the Epilepsy Association:

The Epilepsy Association is a nonprofit organization located in Cleveland, Ohio, that assists children, families, and adults in Northeast Ohio who are struggling to deal with the difficult challenges epilepsy can present. For more than forty years, the agency has been offering a range of services to individuals affected by epilepsy in the greater Cleveland area. The Epilepsy Association recognizes the unique needs of individuals with epilepsy. Our staff is dedicated to providing high-quality service to address the varied needs of people with epilepsy. Staff provides assistance ranging from answering questions from a one-time caller to the agency, to providing ongoing case management and counseling for individuals with epilepsy struggling to maintain a stable living situation.

Epilepsy Association Accreditations and Licensure:

The Epilepsy Association is licensed and accredited by several entities, including:

Epilepsy Association Contracts and Partnerships:

The Epilepsy Association partners with several local organizations to provide services, including: